Jose Pineiro Is Practicing Interior Designer with Ten Years of Experience

Jose Pineiro is a well-experienced interior designer based in Chicago, United States. He has successfully handled projects in educational, institutional, health care, financial, and various other sectors. He has completed his Bachelor’s degree in interior design from one of the top Universities in the country.

By Jose Pineiro
Submitted By Jose Pineiro

Jose Pineiro works closely with top architects, engineers, and home builders to provide the best interior spaces to his clients. He uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software for the interior decoration and design of his projects. During the design process, he uses Building Information System (BIS) to create three-dimensional visualization that includes walls and roofs. He produces designs, plans and drawings for the construction and installation process as well. He has designed many homes, hospitals, hotels and specific room settings such as kitchens and bathrooms. He stays updated with the latest trends in interior design by reading popular magazines and blogs.

By Jose Pineiro
Submitted By Jose Pineiro

Jose Pineiro is a multifaceted professional who follow a systematic approach in the design process to create superb interior spaces as per the needs and preferences of the clients. He is skilled in creating designs that are both functional and attractive. For his commendable work in interior design, he has received many awards and honors.


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